Sunday, July 11, 2004

Musical thoughts

I’ll end this day of posting on a more lighthearted note. FYI, even though my 3 posts have come within a few minutes of one another, it is actually the culmination over three days of work. As my blog progresses, I hope to update only once a day.

Musicians that I like

Michelle Branch: I actually think she’s a brilliant artist. Unlike so many today, she can actually play an instrument. Many of her songs have a meaning that can be understood by a wide variety of people. I suspect she has more fans than care to admit it. My friend noted that she’s not the type of musician you’d have blaring from the car stereo speakers.

Matchbox 20: There’s about five Matchbox 20 songs that I really do like. “Unwell” is undoubtedly the best, but “3 AM” and “If You’re Gone” are great as well. I enjoyed Rob Thomas’ collaborative effort with Santa, “Smooth”.

John Mayer: Someone once joked that they liked Mayer’s music a lot better when it was performed by Dave Matthews. The similarities do exist, but Mayer is no poseur.

Now, ones that I hate

Britney Spears: I don’t trust anyone who expresses full devotion to the great King George. Seriously though, I don’t get the fuss. I could go to the mall and find women as good looking or better than her.

Creed: I could go on and on, but people more talented than I already have. See this or many other similar sites.

Nickelback: This band has done something that I once thought was impossible. There is actually a band worse than Creed, and it is led by the one and only Chad Kroeger. I always wondered why it seemed like all of Nickelback’s music sounded the same. Then finally, someone from the UK explained it to me. Listen and enjoy. Just make sure you have two functional speakers.

Actually, I have many more bands to love (and hate). However, it’s too early in the blogging process to exhaust this great reservoir of material. I will certainly expand in the future as I run out of substantive issues to write about.



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