Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Important Television Reminder: CBS Wednesday 8PM ET/PT

TV Host Phil McGraw, on left Posted by Hello

Television legend Dr. Phil McGraw hosts his first primetime special this Wednesday on CBS.

I first heard about this program while watching Tennessee/Indianapolis Sunday afternoon on CBS. I cracked up when Dr. Phil’s face came on TV. I heard him say to an upset parent, “Of the 14 signs for being a serial killer, your son has 10 of them.” I went to the CBS website and looked up the other cases. One will be about a teenage daughter who’s drinking and having sex. I thought about a couple of things. First, how is this out of the ordinary? And secondarily, is she hot? I really hate when I watch “Maury” and all these ugly girls think they’re all that and a kettle of corn.

Guest appearances are expected by Will Smith, Amy Brenneman, and Robert Redford.

I don’t know what to think of Dr. Phil. I recently confirmed that he is likely a Republican. McGraw supported the Senate reelection campaign of Phil Gramm. I also think Dr. Phil is a native Texan. I tried to read a few chapters of his weight-loss book. It seemed to be targeted at the more morbidly obese. I’ll give the man credit in that a lot of people have been helped by his advice. On the other hand, I find Dr. Phil to be overbearing and arrogant at times. I can’t for the life of me comprehend how Dr. Phil got to be so famous. I’m sure there are thousands of comparably educated psychiatrists out there. Maybe it’s his flamboyance and douchebaggery that’s earned him such accolades.

Be sure to catch this riveting two-hour documentary on CBS, Wednesday night at 8:00.

P.S.: I could have made a number of CBS related jokes, but I refrained from doing so. I maintain the belief that Dan Rather was snookered by a right-wing conspirator, not some shadowy one of the liberal variety.


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