Sunday, September 19, 2004

NFL: Week 2 Picks (9/19, 9/20)

First, here's the proof that my picks were made last night. Those of you familiar with DU's software knows that any edits are made known with red text. These picks have not been modified since Saturday night.

Now that the validity of my pics are indisputable, here they are.

Ravens over Steelers W Ravens 30-17
Colts over Titans W Colts 31-17
Broncos over Jaguars L Jaguars 7-6
Raiders over Bills W Raiders 13-10
Jets over Chargers W Jets 34-28
Dolphins over Bengals
Cowboys over Browns W Cowboys 19-12
Pats over Cardinals W, Patriots 23-12
Chiefs over Panthers L Panthers 28-17
Lions over Texans W Lions 28-16
Saints over 49ers W Saints 30-27
Packers over Bears L Chicago 21-10
Redskins over Giants L Giants 20-14
Rams over Falcons L Falcons 34-17
Bucs over Seahawks L Seahawks 10-6
Eagles over Vikings

As of 5:30 Sunday, I'm 4-5. Not very good. I can say that my 4:00 picks aren't looking bad. The only one I'm pretty concerned about is Tampa/Seattle.

I'll continue to update as results come in. Honestly, I'll be happy if I come up even.

The Bears/Packers game shocked me. So did Redskins/Giants. Washington looked so good under Gibbs last week.

UPDATE 7:30 Things are looking up. After the 4:00 games, my record has improved to 8-6. If the two nationally televised games go my way, I could win 10 games. I honestly thought I was headed for a bad day after my 4-5 start.


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