Friday, September 17, 2004

WWYF #5- Jessica vs. Ashlee Simpson

Let me be frank here. This might constitute the lowest moment for my blog. It could only be surpassed by an Ann Coulter vs. Laura Ingraham matchup. These two are the female equivalents of Scott Stapp and Chad Kroeger.

Career-wise, I have more respect for Jessica. She might suck, but at least she got there by herself. Ashlee Simpson is only popular because of Jessica's success.

I don't think there's much contest here. Despite her mediocre talent and Bush supporting ways, Jessica is far and away better looking. She's the kind of girl you can bring home to Mom, while at the same time provide for amble kinky theatrics. Honestly, I think Ashlee looks like kind of a whore.

I won't waste any more brain cells devoted to this topic. It's clearly the work of someone who's in a rush and couldn't think of anything better to write about.


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