Friday, July 23, 2004

Excellent site for college students

My friend showed me this site a while back.

I decided to take another look at it tonight. I went back and gave some props to teachers who I felt deserved them. I wouldn't give someone a scathing review unless they really deserved it. If you have the time, it's a good site to look at before registering. I only wish there were more reviews. It's hard to tell too much from only a few entries.

Even if it doesn't help you registration-wise, I found it to be a fairly interesting site.

Also, I found this related site.

This one is not as frequently visited. I couldn't find a Dwyer teacher with more than 3 entries. I did add Ms. Friday to the list, but my comments are awaiting approval. I wanted to start one for Mary Colon, but I'm afraid my commentary would be rejected. My plan was to simply write "She's  a bitch, Mrs. Colon, she's a b-b-b-b-b-b-i-t-c-h!"


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