Monday, July 19, 2004

Jupiter’s Finest visits once again

For about the 6th time in the past few months, Heather Street was graced by the presence of the Jupiter Police Department. Tonight’s squabble came on the celebration of Tim’s 23rd Birthday. Things were going very well early in the evening. Me, Tim, Gary, and my Mom were all having a nice dinner consisting of cheeseburgers and French fries. Around 9:30, we began receiving multiple phone calls from Tim’s upset girlfriend, Loren. We ignored the first half dozen phone calls. After we couldn’t take the excessive inquiries, Tim and Gary tried to settle things down. For the proceeding hours, there were a few more phone conversations, most ending with abruptness. Finally, a little after midnight, Loren came up to our residence. She began crying and was acting in an aggressive manner. I could hear her bellows from my bedroom where I was engaging in some web surfing. Evidently, one of the neighbors was disturbed and decided to call the Jupiter authorities. A few moments later, three police cars arrived in front of our home. By this time, most of the conversation was civil. Tim recognized one of the officers from last nights’ assault at Spanky’s Bar & Grill on Indiantown Road. As an aside, Tim was originally accused in that incident, but corroborative witnesses quickly cleared his name. This whole ordeal lasted all of twenty minutes. The police basically told Loren to leave and instructed Tim not to see or call her until tomorrow. I doubt that we will encounter any more unrest, for now.
Briefly, I’ll mention some unrelated thoughts about Tim’s birthday. Even though birthdays are supposed to be a celebration, sometimes they make one think about where their life is headed. Tim’s had a number of difficulties, many of which he is culpable for, since his mother died about ten years ago. He probably spent three years in various penal institutions in his late teens and early twenties. His life is headed more in the right direction now, but he still has a tough road to hoe. Without even an equivalency degree, it’s difficult to get a real good job. We, or more specifically I, are trying to help him get his GED. He does have some things going for him. Despite his academic failures, he is a very intelligent individual. He does not have the look of someone who’s spent time in prison. The regrettable aspect of this whole birthday week is discovering how few of his family members care about him. Basically, he only has my Mom, Gary, and me for support. His girlfriend does a lot for him, but she also causes him a lot of stress. A schism in his family has left him with little support from grandparents, aunts, etc. I’ll admit that he wasn’t always the best kid, but I couldn’t imagine my family not being there for me. Sadly, I don’t believe his family would be there for him if he needed it. I’m very blessed with my great family. We’re a small family, but I could count on any one of them if I ever needed it.


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