Saturday, July 17, 2004

Candidate of the Day: Al Weed

I first became familiar with Mr. Weed from reading DU and then going to Dean's DFA website. From, here is their brief description. What follows are my words, not the site's:
Al Weed for Congress from Virginia. The Virginia 5th is lucky to have a strong Democratic candidate like Al Weed. And the Weed campaign is lucky to have members of Democracy for Virginia working tirelessly on his campaign. Your help in this race makes Virginia competitive in the presidential race. And when Virginia votes Democratic we all win!
My thoughts: This looks like a very difficult race for Democrats. I believe Weed's supporters when they say this is an excellent candidate.  Virgil Goode is seeking his fifth term, having won over 60 % in 2002. Although it is a long shot, occasionally elections go against the conventional wisdom. For instance, in 1994 Republican George Nethercutt ousted the sitting Democratic Speaker of the House, Tom Foley of Washington.
In addition, Virginia could possibly be competitive for Sen. Kerry. In 2000, Gore lost VA by 8. Clinton lost it both times, albeit by more narrow margins.  Current polls paint a more optimistic picture for Sen. Kerry.  The latest Rasmussen Poll has Bush leading only by 2, at 47-45 over Kerry.  The state currently has a Democratic Governor in Mark Warner, but the 2 Senators are Republican. In conclusion, if Kerry does better than expected in the state of Virginia, then Mr. Weed might have a chance of winning.


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