Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Family Tree and other items of note

Briefly, I’d like to mention some of the names that will come up often in my entries.

My Mom (Ann): Not much to say here. Most entries will likely reflect upon her in a very positive way.

Gary (My Mom’s boyfriend): Another very good guy. He has his flaws, but is generally someone with whom I interact with well.

Tim (Gary’s son): 23 year-old. I might also refer to him as my stepbrother. Not technically related at all, though.

Loren (Tim’s girlfriend): See “Tim + Loren” post for more details.

Gram (my Grandmother): Awesome individual. I can promise nothing but positives if/when I write about her.

Eric: Went to school with him at William T. Dwyer High School. Now he goes to college at the University of Central Fla.

Andrew: One of my old friends from the days at Jupiter Branch Library.

Zack: Old friend and frequent user of recreational drugs. Despite what sometimes would be seen as disrespect towards me, he is a good guy and I consider him a friend.

Nikko (My Dog): Almost dead, but not yet.

Buster, King, Trix (My cats): I like my pussycats.

Katie: Girl who I fancied in High School.

Democratic Underground (or DU): Left-leaning Internet message board that I frequent.

People for Change (PFC): DU’s rival board.

And finally…

Dean: I’ll mention him, along with Kerry, fairly frequently. He’ll eventually go down as one of my political heroes.


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