Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Candidate of the Day: Jim Stork

Jim Stork, the former Mayor of Wilton Manors, is seeking to unseat Republican E. Clay Shaw in the 22nd Congressional District of Florida. Stork, a local bakery proprietor, has received the backing of Howard Dean’s grassroots organization “Democracy for America”. They will help Stork raise money to allow him to compete against the 12-term incumbent. Stork can also count on help from the gay rights community. Stork is openly gay, meaning he’ll need all the help he can get.

Stork’s odds in this district are long, but it’s still doable. Since Elaine Bloom came within 500 votes of defeating Shaw, the CD has been gerrymandered to favor the Republican. The district goes from Fort Lauderdale, Shaw’s city of residence, to parts of Palm Beach County. Carol Roberts, a well-funded opponent in 2002, was unable to keep Shaw under 60 %. However, Stork could be aided by a strong effort by Senators Kerry and Edwards. There is a strong chance that the CD will vote in favor of Kerry/Edwards. This means that Kerry’s coattails might allow Stork an opportunity.

Stork is the type of candidate who deserves our support. Dean has thrown money into his campaign because he feels it’s important to contest seats at every level of government. While Stork might not be favored by big business, Dean’s supporters showed they would support candidates generously. If the Democrats are to seize control of the House, it will be because of upstart candidates like Jim Stork and Jeff Seemann.

Link to Stork’s website: Please take a moment to peruse his site and learn about this very good Democratic candidate for Congress.


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