Thursday, July 29, 2004

Sen. John Edwards

Democratic Vice Presidential Nominee John Edwards Posted by Hello]

Tonight, Sen. John Edwards of North Carolina accepted the Democratic Party's nomination for Vice President. As expected, he gave a fine speech that highlighted the Kerry/Edwards plan for America. The only awkward moment of the night came when Edwards promised to destroy the Al-Qaeda network. While Edwards is certainly capable of backing up his words, it did not seem typical of his normally sunny demeanor.

Edwards is not on the ticket for his foreign policy experience. He does have experience on the Intelligence committee in the Senate. His only responsibility on this issue is to prove he's competent to take over President were John Kerry infirmed. Edwards role is to highlight the domestic issues. He did an eloquent job of speaking about middle-class families and even those Americans living in poverty. This was a refreshing speech by a new, energized leader. Most politicans talk a lot about the middle class, but rarely about those citizens who are impoverished.

Edwards has the credential to back up his populist economic message. Unlike Kerry, Edwards had the good judgment to vote against the North American Free Trade Agreement. While Kerry will focus on his war record, Edwards will appeal to those who have suffered under the Bush economy.

In Edwards, we see how image does matter more than issues in politics. There were dozens of more qualified VP candidates than Edwards. However, Edwards was chosen because of the image he presents to America. Edwards is fresh and optimistic, whereas Cheney is aging and dogmatic.  Edwards is the charasmatic member of the Kerry/Edwards ticket. A Kerry/Gephardt ticket would have been too boring for most to handle.

Finally, I love that pic of Edwards. You see his smiling face and the optimism he has for this country. He could be our new Bill Clinton, except without the marital indiscretions. If the Kerry/Edwards ticket is successful, Edwards would be the frontrunner for President in 2012. If Kerry does lose this year, Edwards would still be the prohibitive leader for the 2008 nomination.


Blogger Eric Cioffoletti said...

Edwards is great. He represents the Democratic Party's bright future. He's one of these guys that people naturally like and trust I think.

July 29, 2004 at 8:55 PM  

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