Monday, July 26, 2004

More romantic musings

I’m expecting that my entry last week provoked my loyal readers to hit the clubs and get laid. That’s how profound my ruminations were, at least in my own deluded mind.

Contrary to what moral souls might think, there is nothing inherently illicit about pornography. The same can be said for prostitution, though that’s not the issue for today. A significant amount of pre-teens and teenagers get their first glimpse of sex through these pornographic exhibitions. I worry that this might be a bad thing. These initial impressions of sex can be indelible. Therefore, youngsters may not be viewing an accurate portrait of reality. It’s like watching an NBA game and believing that’s how most ballplayers perform. There’s a reason professional athletes make millions, and there’s also a reason why porn actors and actresses get the big bucks. Most of them are PROFESSIONALS. 99 % of the public is unlikely to live up to that pinnacle of sexual acuity. Everything from duration of activity to member size is distorted by the actions in pornographic films. Pornography is a perfectly natural and legitimate business. I just wish consumers were more educated about the performances they watch in these videos and DVD’s.

This leads into my second, and likely my last main point. I see a great amount of sexual timidity in young men. Most everyone has some general idea of “what goes where”. The degree to which sexual activity is actually understood varies. I’d say that most young men have only a vague idea of what the hell they’re doing. And a great amount of that is likely derived from the aforementioned pornographic films. On rare occasions, a young gentleman will find a mentor of sorts. I’ve found, or at least read, that some women like to act as tutors for sexually inexperienced guys. I can’t help but think about scenes from the original American Pie with Stiffler’s Mom. I’m beginning to meander a bit off my main focus with that cinematic reference. The biggest fear I notice is that guys are terrified that they will screw up when a relaxing moment becomes the right moment. That’s why I believe the ideal sexual connection is between individuals with comparable levels of experience. Preferably, the two will have an emotional bond as well. That way both participants, equally hesitant and anxious, will be able to work together to forge a sexual compatibility.

Next time, I would like to delve into the issue of prostitution. The American view of prostitution is unnecessarily draconian, IMO. Well, I’ll leave it at that for this installment. For more astute analysis, please see any of the other million web pages on the subject.



Blogger Eric Cioffoletti said...

Good essay. I think pornography is cheap and I usually avoid it to be honest although not entirely. But I guess porn is as part of our American culture now as cellphones are so I might as well get used to it.

I don't think there's any great mystery for young men on how to have sex. The secret is doing it well. And to do it well means finding the clit--at least I think so.

I think it would be great if there were textbooks written on the subject. Actually, if you look around on the internet I'm sure there are webpage equivilents of them.

July 29, 2004 at 8:28 PM  

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