Saturday, July 24, 2004

Quarterdeck Part II

Tonight, we made a return visit to the Quarterdeck Restaurant in Jupiter (see previous post titled “Quarterdeck” for background info). Overall, the experience was much better this time around. Gary, Tim, and I met Larry and his friend Mike at the bar. As we walk in, we notice that Jody was once again behind the bar. He came up and spoke to Gary. Jody apologized for what happened on Monday and promised to make things better. He did deliver. Four pitchers of beer and three margaritas came to a total of $21. It probably should have cost somewhere around $35.

The restaurant was totally packed on this Friday night. Larry was his usual demonstrative self. He enjoys getting completely wasted and getting hyper. Mike was smashed as well. He tried to hook up with a deaf forty something lady. At the end of the evening, he went home without a romantic conquest. A creepy gentleman greeted Larry’s friend Megan. At first, we thought she knew the man. After a while, we realized that he was a complete stranger. Harmless, but odd nonetheless. At 2:00, Gary and I drove home. I was the designated driver for the evening.

Gary is always the most amusing individual to watch. All night, he is gawking at the suggestively dressed young ladies. I fear that he can be too blatant. I have no problem with looking. Hell, I was engaging in some of that myself. My objective was to curtail some of his more obvious perversion. The sad thing is that he could probably hook up with some of them if he so desired.

Gary is very much superior to myself in such social situations. That’s one thing I do admire about him. He can go anywhere at any time and strike up a conversation easily. Going out with Gary is more like going out with a friend than a parent. I consider him on of my very best friends. He’s an absolute joy to go places with. He’s able to fit in with any crowd. For the most part, he’s very responsible. I like to joke about him and the younger ladies, but he’s really just having some clean fun. We don’t even have to say anything. When some of the ripe meat walks by, all we do is look at one another and smile.

The rest of the crew got back to Larry’s a half hour later. Gary and myself walked over to see how everyone was. Much to my surprise, I learned that an early morning of chiefing was on the agenda. Gary initially expressed some concern about me being on the premises during this activity. Reluctantly, I told Gary that it was okay. In the end, I make the decision about my own actions. I had no desire to participate in the proceedings. I was unsure what to make of the situation. Honestly, I had never been around this substance. As the first puff was taken by Megan, I could feel myself becoming light-headed. Fortunately, that feeling subsided after a few moments. The subsequent exhalations did not have any effect on me. I was reminded of the fragrance smelled at a Jimmy Buffett concert a few years back. I was surprised that Gary declined to join the festivities. He’s told me that he quit ten years ago. I would not have been bothered had he decided to partake in the circle. I was eagerly awaiting the sort of playful banter seen frequently on television’s “That 70’s Show”. Unfortunately, most of the participants were still acting coherently. Larry was acting completely silly, but that was likely because of the booze.

Around 4:00, I learned that I would have to drive Megan to her house in the Gardens. Gary arranged for Tim to ride along. I might be paranoid, but I’m reluctant to drive alone with any female. The legal ramifications make it preferable to have another present. A guy could be accused of a wide variety of misconducts in this situation, at 4:00 in the morning. As we were driving along Donald Ross, I was instructed to pull over. Megan began to vomit outside of the Hyundai. That took about five minutes to resolve. The drive continued and we arrived at her house some minutes later. The trip was further delayed when we got stuck waiting for the train to cross. It appears everyone made it home safe from this trip.

The highlight of the evening had to be my encounter with the crippy. I’ve never had the urge to engage in this activity. If I had wanted to, I’m sure I would have been allowed to join the fun. My story would have been much more interesting had Gary actually engaged in the activity. Seeing Gary in that state would have provided for many comic hijinks. Alas, we’ll have to settle for this comparatively tame and uneventful tale. Actually, it would have been hilarious had Megan and me been riding alone and she make some sort of sexual overtures. Considering her state, I’m ashamed to say that the thought did cross my mind. They were probably smart to bring in some additional supervision. In the very remote possibility that an overture were to be made, I believe I would have rebuffed them. At least I hope I would have made the correct decision.

That’s it for now. As we approach 6:00 am, I plan to read a copy of my “Sports Illustrated” and go to sleep. I realize that I have been negligent on my “Candidate of the Day” feature as of late. I would like to give a shout out to Cynthia McKinney, who won the Democratic primary in Georgia’s 4th Congressional District on Tuesday. This is vindication for her, as she was voted out in the 2002 Elections. Considering her district is safe Democratic, she’ll very likely return to Congress next January. I’m considering whether or not to give an endorsement for Florida’s Democratic Senate primary. I try to refrain from endorsing in primaries. However, since this is my home state, I feel like I owe the reader my views on this particular race. I intend to formally endorse former Education Secretary Betty Castor.

As for the status of my blog, I’ve cut back a little bit the past few days. I want to keep myself relatively fresh. My plan is either to do one extended entry, as I did today, or a number of smaller posts. My objective as always is to write more about personal events and focus less on things like politics. I look forward to reporting on my experiences once football season starts in September. I imagine football and the elections will comprise most of my writing for the rest of 2004. My college semester will likely be another source of inspiration. Tweaking is a large part of creating the optimal blogging experience.



Blogger Eric Cioffoletti said...

Much to comment on here.

First, I'm glad quarterdeck improved their service. Second, I agree that Gary in a likeable guy. I've actually always been impressed with him--and it's great that you guys get along so well. You could learn a lot from him in terms of learning to be more outgoing.

Also, maybe you should try to get high one of these days! That would be a journal entry I would not want to miss.

Do you think this Megan girl likes you? Or were you just concerned that in her drunken state she might go after anybody just because she does that kind of thing? I ask because I've been in similar situations. At this party back in the fall, one of Zach's good female friends got really drunk and had her hands all over me. As it turns out she was just a skank who was trying to sleep with anyone she could (and she was somewhat overweight too) and so I'm glad I declined. It's sometimes hard to tell when girls get that drunk if they're feelings are genuine.

Anyway, I think your blog still looks great. I think you're taking a different approach than I do with mine. I try to post for quantity. Maybe I should back off myself and post maybe twice a day max as opposed to 4-7 times a day.

July 24, 2004 at 5:38 PM  

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