Saturday, July 24, 2004

Not much to report

Today was a fairly uneventful Saturday. I ended up sleeping until about 2:00, since I hadn’t fallen asleep until 7:00 am. I took a trip to Costco around 4:00 to pick up Gary’s new eyeglasses. During that trip, I drove Tim up to the Juno Beach pier. I did catch some of the Red Sox/Yankees game. Game time was originally scheduled for 3:00. For a while, it looked like the game would be postponed. Around 3:50, FOX reported that first pitch would be at 4:00. There were many lead changes until the 9th when Bill Mueller hit the game winning HR off Mariano Rivera. With the 11-10 victory, Boston is currently 8.5 games back of division leading New York. The division race is almost assuredly complete, but Boston is still tied for the Wild Card. I cannot wait for another Sox/Yanks ALCS. Today may have been a turning point for this Red Sox team. Schilling and Martinez give them a very formidable 1-2 punch in any playoff series. Preferably, they should pick up a decent 3rd starter. Derek Lowe has been a terrible disappointment this year. Boston cannot allow Randy Johnson to be traded to NY. If that happens, it will be a near fatal blow for the Sox.

This evening, I just sat around on the computer and watched some boxing. I didn’t really feel like doing much tonight. I’ll end up watching some of my DVD’s or taped TV programs a little later. I tape a lot of shows during the week and usually watch them all at once during the early hours of the morning. 



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