Saturday, July 24, 2004

Quick clarification re: LePore

I was going to post this under comments, but I realize that few people read any follow-up replies. One poster asked whether I meant to imply that LePore was complicit in electoral fraud. I do not wish to accuse her of this activity. I believe LePore is not competent to serve in this position any longer. I wish she had taken a stronger stand against the misdeeds of Katherine Harris and Jeb Bush. However, I have no evidence that suggests she was in cahoots with Harris & Co.

As partisan as this sounds, I do want a Democrat counting the votes. Theoretically, the job should be non-partisan. But reality as it is dictates that this is not always possible. If I have a choice between a Democrat and a Republican/Independent, I will choose the Democrat as long as he appears competent. There are some other connections between LePore and the GOP, but I've not researched it well enough to draw legitimate conclusions.

I urge voters to reject Theresa LePore on August 31. She demonstrated a lack of foresight, leading to the disastrous month that followed November 7. It left a real bad taste in my mouth, leading to my decision to oppose her re-election and support Dr. Anderson.



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