Thursday, August 26, 2004

Important Dates- Fall 2004

This is more for me than for an audience. I'm trying to document all the important due dates for each of my classes. Having it written in one place will make it easier to budget time.

Looking through two of my courses, I have approximately 14 key assignments. Fortunately, some are actually one assignment with portions due incrementally. I'm not worried much about English Lit. That's a breeze compared to this. I still have to go through my Mass Communication syllabus.

The big difference this year is that most of my assignments are BIG. Before, there were many more minor assignments to be done. Many of these make up 20-30 % of the final grade. I'm hoping that by having this written in one place, that I can keep from getting too far behind.

I didn't include reading in my key dates due. It looks like I might have 2 chapters a week to read in JOU 3101.

Finally, I have to thank whoever left a big chunk of time between 10/21 and 11/9. That'll be right around election time, where I don't need any more things to worry about.

(JOU 3101) 8/31: Newspaper column about plagiarism
(JOU 3101) 9/7: 2 story memos
(POS 3033) 9/7: 30-minute presentation, "Oh, that Media Bias!"
(JOU 3101) 9/16: Final project idea
(JOU 3101) 9/25: See "Week 5" of syllabus
(POS 3033) 10/5: Paper draft
(JOU 3101) 10/7: First reporting project (rough)
(JOU 3101) 10/14: First reporting project (revised)
(JOU 3101) 10/21: Midterm
(JOU 3101) 11/9: Second reporting project (rough)
(POS 3033) 11/16: Final paper
(JOU 3101) 11/18: Second reporting project (revised)
(POS 3033) 11/30: Scrap book
(JOU 3101) 12/7: Final project/presentation due


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