Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Dolphins are lost from top on down, By Dave Hyde


There's not much new here for fans of the Dolphins. Most of us understood that Eddy Moore was a bust. We all knew that Wade Smith couldn't block any D-Linemen. One good thing to hear is that Lamont Brightful has been cut.

I found this to be an interesting read. At this rate, I have a hard time envisioning a scenario where Miami wins more than 4 games this season. The offense isn't getting better, while the defense is falling apart by the week. Look who we don't have anymore: Ogunleye, Chester (for the year), Surtain, Bowens (date of return unknown). This could turn out to be the worst season in franchise history.

The Wannstedt defenders remind me a lot of Bush supporters. Even as intelligence reports paint a gloom picture for Iraq, Bush continues to label questioners as "pessimists". El Gropenfuhrer points to the "economic girlie-men". Wannstedt's people will tell you that everything is fine. The line will come together, Feeley will develop, Lamar Gordon will finally learn how to run. Wanny's loyalists will be there until the day he's finally run out of town for good.

I have a feeling I'll stop writing game commentaries after a few more weeks. Not because I don't like writing them, but because every game is the same. There's only so many times I can write about shitty blocking and incompetent QB play. I might just use the same article each week and plug in different names. For instance, I could have a standard template. Wade Smith lets ______ get _____ sacks on QB A.J. Feeley. One week it'll be John Abraham for 3. The next it could be Richard Seymour for 2. Definitely makes the writing process less painful.

Can we all agree that a complete overhaul is needed? Tell me, who on this offense is worth keeping. Maybe Feeley, and that looks questionable. Lamar Gordon is unable to even run towards a hole. Wade Smith hasn't improved a lick in two years. Is there any reason to expect he'll magically learn how to block a Right End? Chambers and McMichael are the only two on offensive worth a damn. Wannstedt and this regime has to go. I'll keep writing, every day if need be, until management finally gives Dave the boot.


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