Thursday, October 07, 2004

Baseball playoffs: Day 1 and 2

First, lets begin with the results:

October 5, 2004
NLDS Game 1: Cardinals 8, Dodgers 3 (Cardinals lead 1-0)
ALDS Game 1: Red Sox 9, Angels 3
ALDS Game 1: Twins 2, Yankees 0

October 6, 2004
NLDS Game 1: Astros 9, Braves 3 (Astros lead 1-0)
ALDS Game 2: Yankees 7, Twins 6 / 11 innings (Series tied 1-1)
ALDS Game 2: Red Sox 8, Angels 3 (Red Sox lead 2-0)

The first day of the playoffs lacked much interest. As expected, the Cardinals were propelled by 5 HR's, including two from veteran RF Larry Walker. Odalis Perez is clearly not a playoff #1 starting pitcher.

The Red Sox are one win away from the ALCS. Their offense has been very impressive, scoring averaging 8.5 runs through Game 2. The test is whether Wakefield or Arroyo can win Games 3 or 4. We could see Schilling back for Game 4 and Martinez in 5, if necessary.

I'm worried a bit about the fate of Atlanta. I knew that Houston was a hot team. Clemens gave Atlanta opportunities with walks, but the offense couldn't capitalize. Mike Hampton throws today against Houston ace Roy Oswalt.

The Twins vs. Yankees is looking to be the best series of them all. The Twins could have gone up 2-0, but closer Joe Nathan couldn't work an effective 3rd inning of relief in extra innings. The Yankees usually find a way to win in the postseason, and they did last night. One side note. Shouldn't Ruben Sierra and John Olerud be either retired or dead by now. How the hell have these guys held on for so long? With Pat Borders catching for the Twins, all we needed was Joe Carter and there's be a reunion of the early 90's Blue Jays.

I'm still confident in my predictions. Santana still needs to win one more for Minnesota. Atlanta has the experience and will come back and emerge victorious in Game 2.


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