Friday, October 01, 2004

It's a small world

As I was exiting I-95 at Donald Ross Road this afternoon, I noticed a disabled vehicle off the side of the road. The car looked eerily familiar. I was riding on the other side of the road and noticed a tall, lanky white guy with glasses. Combined with that shitty car, I knew it could only be one person. So I drove back a little west and noticed it was the one and only Zach Spencer.

I honked my horn and asked if he needed assistance. He did. It appears that his engine might have blown up for good. The two of us tried our best to push the car, but to no avail. About five minutes later, Richard showed up. With his help, we were able to push the car off the side of the road and onto the grass. It looked like all would be well.

All of a sudden, I saw Richard's eyes start to bug out. I got worried considering he has had heart problems in the past. Zach quickly sat Richard down and got me to get him some H2O. I ran to my house and got some water back in about five minutes.

When I returned, Richard seemed to have recovered a bit. He was very thankful for my help. For a second, I thought he was going to try and hug me. I've always had a soft spot for Richard. During our first encounter, I learned that he, like I, was a supporter of the Democratic Party. He seems like a very cool Dad to have. It turns out that Richard didn't actually take away his cell phone and computer, according to Zach.

Zach's old car is now stationed right off the I-95 exit on Donald Ross. Hopefully they can get AAA to come tow it away. Zach's much maligned car may have reached its final demise.



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