Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Building the suspense

I'm hoping to have a second news article up and posted by late tonight or tomorrow morning.

A very prominent national figure is coming to town today. I'll withhold his name for the moment, but here are a few clues. This man is perhaps the most hated man, with the exception of George W. Bush, at the Democratic Underground. His critics claim that he's an out-of-touch has been. They think he was once a good man but has been led astray in recent years. Opponents suggest that his only purpose in life is to help Republicans secure electoral victory. Although not technically a Republican, many believe his loyalties may lie within that party. (2nd Hint: It's not Zell Miller)

Progessive supporters think he's the last true believer left in the country. They think Democrats have sold out and become too much like Republicans. His loyalists feel that Democrats have unfairly targeted their man.

Full story to come...


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