Monday, September 27, 2004

We survived Jeanne

Whee! Another hurricane hit South Florida and the Treasure Coast.

Fortunately, our home made it out okay. I spent the weekend at my cousin's house. I cleaned my uncle out on a game of no-limit Texas Hold 'Em. A two pair was enough to catapult me to victory. For the rest of the weekend, we sat around with little to do. We caught a little of the FSU/Clemson game when power was on.

Late Sunday night, we got power back. I returned Monday morning after the Steelers/Dolphins game. I'm at my aunt's house tonight because she has a fully functional computer and an ample supply of hard liquor (or liquer as the fancy-panced might spell it).

This storm was much nicer to us than France(s) was. France(s) left power out for ten days. Jeanne caused an outage of only 24+ hours. No further damage was done to our roof and since removed carpeting.

Zero Beach and Martin County got the brunt of Jeanne's fury. I'd hate to be living there at the moment. Soule's Point got hit with their second hurricane in a matter of three weeks.

Overall, it wasn't a bad experience. I can't wait for the beginning of November when hurricane season unofficaially ends. It doesn't terminate techincally until November 30. Nothing serious has ever hit past Nov. 1.

The Democratic gods must be seriously pissed at us for our shenanigans during the Election 2000 recount.



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