Monday, September 27, 2004

Wanny the Motivator

This has to be the funniest thing I've read in quite some time. Thanks to the proprietor of for pointing out this Herald article. I just love the sixth paragraph that I cited. The players obviously have little respect for Wannstedt and his methods.

Likewise, Wannstedt uses gadgets, such as mouse traps and lobster traps, to warn his players of complacency when they are winning.

The downside is that Wannstedt's message has often been ignored as so much Pollyanna. Players have privately rolled their eyes at Wannstedt's power of positive thinking.

Such as the time last year when Wannstedt spoke to the team and used a basket and four props, a family photo, a Bible, a football and a brick with the word ''distractions'' on it.

Wannstedt's point was that if you concentrate on family, faith and football, everything would fit neatly in the basket. Add the ''distractions'' and it doesn't fit.

Nice message, but when Wannstedt fumbled with the props and couldn't get everything back in the basket, it was a comedic flop.

When Wannstedt put the basket and the props in the locker room, one prominent player threw them away in disgust.

Thus, you have to wonder if the players will take him seriously now, or whether it's simply too late. Too late for a man who really doesn't believe in doing it in the first place.


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