Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Election recommendations

It's time for my fall 2004 endorsements. I will be selecting races from the state of Florida and Palm Beach County.

When you get to the voting booth, there will be a 16 page touch screen ballot. It shouldn't take long. My suggestion is to take an index card into the voting booth. It will help you remember how to vote on the amendments. The dozen amendments are what makes voting such a long process for some people. You can get the same information at home on the computer, so you don't waste everybody's time reading over the long and drawn out proposals.

President... Sen. John F. Kerry
No explanation needed

U.S. Senate... Betty Castor
If there is to be a President Kerry, I'd like him to have strong Democratic support in the Senate. Martinez seemed okay at first, but he's turned out to be a real ideologue. Clearly, Castor is the preferrable choice for Florida Democrats and Independents.

U.S. Congress, District 22... No recommendation
I can't in good faith recommend to vote for a candidate who's currently not campaigning. Jim Stork withdrew from his contest against incumbent E. Clay Shaw in September. Due to a legal technicality, the Democrats weren't able to get another name on the ballot. I also cannot in good conscience vote for the Republican. So either leave the space empty or vote for Stork. In theory, Stork could still win and there'd be a special election later in 2005. In reality, Shaw will win re-election handily.

Palm Beach County Sheriff... Ric Bradshaw
I don't care much about the sheriff's race. From my limited knowledge, Bradshaw seems more experienced. On the other hand, Ken Eggleston has been the subject of much controversy. He was fired over a dispute with incumbent Sheriff Ed Bieluch. The idea was that Eggleston would have Bieluch's endorsement after he retired in 2004. Instead, Bieluch decided to seek another term and then decided to withdraw and endorse Bradshaw. Both candidates are Democrats, so you can't go wrong either way. My personal preference is for Bradshaw.

School Board, District 1... David A. Harris
I was displeased at incumbent Monroe Benaim's choice to oppose automatic pay raises for public school teachers. Harris has garnered the support of the local AFL-CIO. In this non-partisan race, the union endorsment carries a lot of weight and influences my decision to support Harris's candidacy. However, considering Benaim's raised over $100,000 to Harris's $15,000, expect Benaim to win the runoff easily.

Clerk of the Circuit Court... Sharon Bock
Her opponent, Scott Fronrath, is an officer with the Jupiter Police Department. Without much more knowledge, I'll recommend voting the party line.

Tax Collector... John Clark
Clark has done a good job in his 12 years as tax collector. Questions about his health dog re-election efforts against 2000 candidate Pete Carney. Absent any compelling evidence to sway my decision, vote for the incumbent.

Amendment 1: No
Amendment 2: No
Amendment 3: No
Amendment 4: No recommendation
Amendment 5: Yes
Amendment 6: Yes

Amendment 7: Yes
Amendment 8: Yes

I won't go into all these initiatives. The only one I feel very strongly about is Amendment 3. That initiative provides for medical liability compensation limits. I feel it's unfair to cap damages for pain-and-suffering. This amendment is a charade put forth by doctors and the GOP.

I haven't much of an opinion on Amendment 4, which allows Miami-Dade and Broward Counties to conduct referenda approving slot machines in para-mutual facilities. I did see a bumper sticker at Riverwind Apartments urging me to vote No. I've talked to a few Democratic groups and they don't have a preference. Based on the Post's recommendation, I followed suit and opposed 4.

PBC Ballot Initiatives... Yes (OR for bonds) on all 3
If nothing else, vote to increase the sales tax by one half cent in order to fund school construction. Remember, vote YES on the 1st local initiative.

Judges... Retain all
I decided to simply vote to retain all of them. That was the endorsment of the Palm Beach Post. In retrospect, I should have done some research and decided to oppose judges appointed by JEB? If anybody feels like doing that homework, be my guest.


Blogger Eric Cioffoletti said...

Yes this is very good. I was curious as to what the fuck Amendment 3 was. I had seen so many advertisements on TV and those don't do anything to keep a guy informed at all.

So now I know to vote no on that. The other races seem fairly obvious.

CASTOR is a DISASTER! I won't be voting for that bitch! That slogan is just too fucking good. Just kidding. But seriously though, that catchy phrase worries me.

October 21, 2004 at 1:57 AM  

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