Monday, October 18, 2004

Sunday recap

I woke up at 9:30 in order to get home for the Dolphins vs. Bills football game, beginning at 1:00. I arrived at Zach’s house around 10:00 and made the trip in a little over two hours. I must have driven between 80 and 85 mph the whole way. I was privately wondering what it would be like to be in the same car with Zach for that long a time. It was pleasantly surprising.

I think I made it out to the Country Estates at about 12:30. Zach asked me to come in for a few minutes. His dad, Richard, had offered to give me $40 for gas money. He was very appreciative that I had brought his son home. When Richard awoke, he lifted his shirt and showed me his battle sores. Three days ago he had undergone surgery to remove his gall bladder. Three weeks prior he underwent an angioplasty on his heart. In the most disturbing comment of the day, Mr. Spencer informed me of his upcoming penile surgery. I didn’t ask exactly what was wrong with his penis that required such drastic action. He was unenthused about this procedure, scheduled for later this month.

For some reason, Richard seems to have taken a liking to me. We sat and talked on the couch for a half hour or so. He kept on talking about how his favorite team was anybody playing the Miami Dolphins. He consistently chastised Dan Marino for his lack reluctance to scramble. I kind of nodded and didn’t say anything confrontational. He asked me if I wanted to stay for the game. I originally planned to stay only until halftime, but ended up watching the whole game at the Spencer’s residence. The Bills won 20-13.

The whole experience was sad and rewarding at the same time. Richard was so grateful that Zach came home for Sunday afternoon. He kept on thanking me for driving him back. I could tell that he was having a great time “hanging with the guys”, even if he was still in pain from the surgery. I didn’t have a bad time myself. I find Richard interesting to talk with. He comes off as being a very smart man. I know that he does respect Eric and me very much. He was talking about how happy he was that Zach has such nice friends. That kind of made me feel good. This encounter might merit more evaluation in another post.

I made it back to the Heights around 4:00. I finally took a shower and did a little bit of homework. I tried to hold off on eating until as late as possible. A friend and I were going to get something to eat, but I couldn’t wait. I ate a couple of candy bars and some macaroni and cheese.

Zach did end up calling later and we drove to the Sonny’s restaurant in Jupiter. Unfortunately, I arrived at 9:15 and found it closed. The funniest thing was that Zach’s car broke down again making the U-turn into the restaurant. All of a sudden, the car just went dead. He was able to restart it and get going. Considering the unsteady state of his car, we drove my Hyundai the rest of the evening.

Neither of us wanted to spend much money, so we decided on dining at Wendy’s. I didn’t remember the fact that Zach once worked at the Jupiter Wendy’s. The line wasn’t very long when we walked in. There were only two customers ahead of us. However, the employees were very poor. One of the guys spoke only Creole. Zach noticed that he worked with one of the black girls who was serving the food. Apparently, two years ago she stormed out, quit, and vowed never to return again. I guess she reneged on that arrangement. After about five minutes of waiting, to no avail, we left.

Originally, we were going to play pool. But I wanted to get some exercise, so we went to play some racquetball. I had to go buy some racquetballs at the Slave Mart earlier today. It was the only store open at 7:00 on a Sunday evening. There were two other guys, Will and Chris, playing when we arrived. I was reluctant when Zach initiated a game of doubles. I’m always worried that we’ll get totally humiliated. What resulted wasn’t bad at all. I didn’t recognize him, but Will was in one of my Art classes last year at PBCC. After a few serves, I could tell we had a great chance of emerging victorious. We won the first game 21-12. Zach and I won the second contest 21-15. I think I played relatively well. Those guys had no clue how to play together. They kept on going after my serves that were headed out of bounds. I kept on serving balls that would have been handled by most adept players. Once I learned that they couldn’t return a serve, the rest of the game was easy. I made a few unforced errors that resulted in a close game. We really should have kept them under 10 points for the game.

I drove Zach back to his car at Sonny’s and we drove to Slave Mart for the second time today. He wanted to get a few blank CD’s to copy some music of mine. He went back to my place and made a copy of Avril Lavigne’s new album, “Under My Skin”. I swear, I’m not making this up. I feel better knowing I’m not the only person who occasionally enjoys the music of Avril.

We tried to watch some of “The Girl Next Door” on DVD. The sound was messed up on my PS2. Zach did fix it, but we only saw about ten minutes of it. We decided to turn it off and watch the rest of Game 4 between Boston and New York. I began to get really nervous when I saw New York leading 4-3 in the 9th Inning. Mariano Rivera is as close to perfect as you can get in the playoffs. Surprisingly, he blew the save and the game went into extra innings tied at 4. Zach stayed until the 10th Inning. Finally, after a marathon five-hour game, David Ortiz hit a two-run homerun in the bottom of the 12th Inning to give Boston a 6-4 win. It’s still hard to see Boston coming back and winning Game 5, tomorrow at 5:00 in Boston. The Sox bullpen was decimated. They used everybody but Ramiro Mendoza and Tim Wakefield. They’ll need 7 or 8 quality innings out of Pedro to even have a shot. I am glad that there will be at least one more game. A sweep is not befitting of this great 2004 Boston Red Sox franchise. On the bright side, if the Red Sox came back it would be a great ending to over 80 years of frustration.

I still want to post Friday and Saturday updates. I need to get some sleep now, as it’s coming up on the two o’clock hour here on the east coast. If I get ambitious, I might start on them later this morning.



Blogger Eric Cioffoletti said...

Mr. Spencer is a cool guy. He always seems stoned though whenever I go over to Zach's house. He's a character. I'm glad he likes us.

Your mom was really worried about you. She told me dad: "You know, Taylor isn't used to this college lifestyle. He doesn't sleep late like all of these college kids. He told me he would be home in time for the game and he's not here. I'm worried." LOL!

Don't worry though it sounds like everything worked out for the best and you had a good weekend. Seems to me like you and Zach are getting along very well these days. I don't know why some people (like Evan and Rahul) don't like Zach. He really is a cool guy once you get to know him.

October 19, 2004 at 12:47 AM  

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