Monday, October 11, 2004 meeting

Tonight, I went to a MoveOn PAC strategy session at the Books-a-Million in Jupiter. You may remember Books-a-Million as the location I bought my first adult magazine at on September 12, 2001. I still love that Dale Earnhardt, Jr. interview. But I digress.

Most everybody who follows politics has probably heard of They are a website that specilizes in liberal activism. founded a political action committee named MoveOn PAC. Basically, their goal is to re-defeat George W. Bush come November 2. In 11 key battleground states, they have sent their employees to target "unlikely voters". These are registered Democrats who voted in 1996 or some other local election, but not the 2000 Presidential election. MoveOn is targeting 2,000,000 of these so-called unlikely voters. The goal is increase Kerry's popular vote total by at least 500,000 in these battleground states.

They wanted me to become a precinct leader, which would entitle 5 hours a week up until the election, with an additional 5 hours on election weekend and a full day on Election Day. I decided that the committment was too steep. So I decided to become a precint volunteer. That only requires 2 hours a week, 2 on election weekend, and 5 hours on Election Day. I still may put in more time, but I didn't want to be the leader. The leader has to make certain that every likely Kerry voter in their precint get to the polls on November 2.

We had a decent turnout tonight. I'd say we had 20 volunteers. MoveOn is estimating that there are 50,000 volunteers nationwide. Our hope is that superior organization will transform a close race into a surprising Kerry triumpth on election day.

Our job is to target 150 voters in our areas and make sure they turnout. With 10 volunteers, that's only about 15 voters per person. I think I can handle that.

I feel that the Kerry campaign hasn't done well, but groups like MoveOn and America Coming Together have picked up the slack. I expect a massive GOTV effort on our side.


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