Thursday, October 07, 2004

Getting my haircut

About once a month, I go and get my hair cut at one of the local shops around town. I know this sounds so mundane that it doesn’t merit an entire post. But I find it to be one of the most intriguing and uncomfortable 15 minutes of my month.

First, I never know what to say to the hairdresser. I’m not very good at making small talk. Honestly, I’d be happy if they never said a word to me. A lot of the time I am lucky. We exchange token pleasantries and she goes about her job. Every once in a while, I run into someone nice and we have an enjoyable few minutes of conversation. But most of the time, it’s totally awkward. I despite inane conversations about the weather and shit like that.

Tuesday I went to the Prime Cut in Jupiter. Cutting my hair was this really hot blond chick named Jennifer. She asked what I was studying, and I replied, “Journalism and Political Science”. The conversation quickly turned to the Presidential debate. To preface the conversation, she proudly admitted that she doesn’t vote in elections. Then she talked about how she thought Bush was a great speaker and how Kerry “had no balls”. If she weren’t so hot, I might have gotten a bit peeved. I tried to respond in a calm matter. I said that I thought Kerry did very well and that Bush was not a great debater. Then it got worse. She thought that Rudy Giuliani should have run for President in 2004, and asked me why he didn’t. I replied that Rudy was a Refucklican (no, I didn’t use that word) and wouldn’t challenge a sitting incumbent, but that he may run in 2008. If I thought she were in any way on our side, I would have made my case for her to vote. But I concluded that her not voting was probably a good thing for the Democratic Party, and our nation.

I’m very glad that a haircut only happens once a week. I think that I should find someone with whom I develop a rapport with, and then make an appointment with them monthly. There is one nice older lady that works at Prime Cut. I think Gary might remember her name. I’ll ask him about that later.

This pertains more to my overall hesitance to social situations. Around strangers, I can appear very aloof. Although, I have tried to make gains recently in that regard. I don’t have the intellectual capacity to begin the conversation with a funny joke or anecdote. I could go on the Internet and arrive with a haircut zinger. However, it would probably be lame and make me look like more of a loser.

Fortunately, I’m done with haircuts until the beginning of November. If this election goes astray, an early November haircut will be the least of my worries.



Blogger Eric Cioffoletti said...

You do okay in social situations. I've seen worse. I myself have social anxiety disorder. A lifetime of dealing with it has turned me into a decent actor.

" would probably be lame and make me look like more of a loser. What kind of shit is this? Listen, if you're going to feel sorry for yourself in this blog, I'll have to stop commenting. There's nothing wrong with depressing entries but don't put yourself down. You are a cool guy.

October 7, 2004 at 10:51 PM  
Blogger tsias said...

I think the Pagley joke would suit me well. When the hairdresses asks "do you want a haircut?", I should reply, "No, I want all of them cut".

Maybe calling myself a "loser" is a bit harsh. Overall, I'm happy with the person I am, even if others may not be. I wouldn't trade who I was for anything.

Every once in a while, I slip into what might be seen as pity mode. I know that's not the right way to approach things. Like you said in one of your posts, we have it pretty good. Things could be much, much worse in life.

To call me a "cool guy" is probably an overstatement. I think I'm a fairly nice guy who tries to be as congenial as possible. I've never desired to be cool. I don't need or wish for a lot of friends and to date every chick on campus. I'm happy with a couple of very good friends and hopefully one girl that likes me. Popularity is way overrated, IMO.

I do feel that I have grown in certain respects. I say and do things now that I wouldn't have even a couple years ago.

Reading through your reply, one thing stands out, even if you didn't say it. If you feel and carry yourself like a loser, then it's entirely possible that others will feel the same way. Act confidently and you stand a better, although not perfect chance, of getting what or whom you desire.


October 7, 2004 at 11:15 PM  

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