Saturday, August 14, 2004

I am Morpheus

Since my regular eye-glasses broke earlier tonight, I have been wearing my dark prescription sunglasses. Like the Laurence Fishburne character, I am forced to wear these glasses even in my dark bedroom. They made the already dark "Mystic River" only more morbid. Incidentally, I am also using the Morpheus file sharing system at the moment, but that's neither here nor there.

I'll make this entry rather brief. It's 4:40 now, and I have to do a JDP precinct walk at 9:00 am. Then I'm off to the Pro for Dolphins vs. Jags.

Mystic River was my favorite movie of the past few years. It even surpassed the legendary "Dave". The ending was perhaps the most vexing aspect of this film. Each of the characters justified his killing of Dave. The wife validated his actions by portraying Jimmy as a protector of his family. No sinister deed would be committed without impunity. Even the cop gave tacit approval, or at least acceptance, to his actions. I'll read the Dennis Lehane book to get a clearer picture on this rather perplexing denoumet.

Overall, the Mystic River DVD was not worth the $20 price. There were absolutely zero added features. No deleted scenes, no director's comments, no additional featurettes. I loved the film, but felt the producer should have added even a minimal amount of incentive to purchase this DVD.

I've really got to run now.



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