Thursday, August 12, 2004

While I have a brief respite

The last 2 days have worn me out, completely. I have to be up again at 7:00 tomorrow, so I only have time for some cursory comments.

Suffice to say that an unforseen family situation has forced a slight change to my routine. I'll leave the exact details of the crisis only to my select confidants. Nothing earth-shattering, but anything you write online can be traced. I wouldn't want anything to be traced back and cause unrest for the involved parties.

Honestly, I haven't had time to update for a while. However, I am very optimistic about the next batch of entries. Some of them will be thematic. Others will be on the revealable details of the prior days. There is a decent amount of new material to be unveiled shortly. Some of it is already written, but I'm withholding it temporarily. I'm working on a film review, or rather a collection of similar motion pictures.

Certainly enjoying my last moments of summer vacation. Saturday evening is preseason game #1 for the Dolphins. If I can make arrangements for the tickets, my uncle will join me. I can't wait to get a look at dozens of players whom will never play a down of regular season football ever in this league.

My forthcoming entry will be about my Fall 2004 schedule. Hopefully it will be ready on 8/12. If not, expect it by the weekend.




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