Monday, November 08, 2004

Post election obeservations

This is my final post on politics for a while. I'll say a month to be conservative, but I'd like to make it longer. I may post some of my Election week experiences this week, but that will delve more into the personal interactions and experiences.

There will be time to discuss why we lost. But for now, it's time to take a break.

This is an email I received from my Uncle. There's something disturbing about a guy who refers to himself as "The Donald". His name, btw, is Donald Janda. Who does he think he is, Donald Trump?


1. George and Osama have something in common. Both are religious fanatics. Both have supporters and armies dying to prove it.

2. There are two Americas. 51% are Republicans who promote democracy while perpetuating Republicaism. 49% are Democrats, Independents, and Liberals who promote democracy while living in a Republicamocracy. (It would seem the Republicans like to use Democrat nomenclature).

3. Republicans are good at creating the perception of good governing while being unable to govern good, Democrats are great at governing while unable to create the perception of good governing.

The Donald


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