Wednesday, November 03, 2004

I'm hanging in there

Today wasn't a particularly good day for me. I slept in until noon. I told my English teacher that if a catastrophe happened, I wouldn't be in class on Wednesday. What I witnessed last night and into day certainly qualifies. Mr. Peck is a strong Kerry supporter, so I know he understands.

Seriously, I haven't gone into seclusion. I've basically taken it easy. I've come close to tears a couple of times but was able to hold back. Some of the emotions are not 100 % related to Kerry's loss. More than anything, I'm sad that this campaign has come to an end. I love political activism and can't wait to help Nelson get re-elected in 2006 and elect a new Democratic governor of Florida. It's the people that make the process worth it. Even in defeat, I'm glad I experienced the last weeks of Election 2004.

I have some more stuff to post but am holding off until tomorrow. I refrain from dumping a ton of new postings at once. I prefer to spread it out over a couple of days.

I mourn for my country today. I hold out hope that Bush gets rid of criminals like Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz and pays more attention to the Powells and McCains of the GOP. The President talked a good game about "unity today". I fail to see how he can deliver on his promise.

Coming Soon:
NFL picks
Election 2004 Recap
Weepy crap that I wrote when I was feeling rock bottom


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