Monday, November 01, 2004

My Election Day Plans

In about 40 minutes, it will officially be Election Day in the United States. I have waited for this day since the SCOTUS ruling against Gore on December 12, 2000. I honestly cannot believe that tomorrow is the day. The Democrats have planned for the better part of a year for the 12 hours of voting tomorrow (Some states are open more than 12 hours, and it can be argued that early voting has been a coordinated effort).

Here are my early plans:

3:30 am: Wakeup. I'll go to the Kerry office in Gardens and see if they need my help distributing fliers. We want to have fliers up on people's door by sunrise.

5:00 am: Call Michelle at the Aronberg office. I might forgo the flier distribution in favor of doing work for Aronberg. I have to go by precincts and put yard signs out.

7:00 am- 1:30 pm: Not sure yet. I might skip my journalism class and only attend Mass Comm Theory. Aronberg will want me to be a poll greeter. I'm not sure if I'm up to doing that for too long. I might go to my class at 11:00, so I can get out of that job.

1:30-7:00: This is when I start checking the various political sites. RW sites do leak exit polls around this time. While they come from sites like Drudge and National Review, the poll numbers originate from reputable news organizations. This will provide us our first glimse as to the direction of Election Day. This process will continue until the polls close.

7:00: Returns come in for Southern states and Vermont. All excpet Vermont will probably go Bush. The interesting thing will be to see how Virginia is called. If Virginia is deemed "too close to call", that is a positive start for Kerry. Even if VA is called early for Bush, that doesn't necessarily hurt Kerry. It just means that Bush carried a state both he and Kerry expected him to.

7:30: Ohio and West Virginia close. Ohio won't be called. Once again, if WV isn't called at 7:31, it's good news for Kerry.

8:00: A whole bunch of polls close. This leads to my quandry.

I'm trying to decide whether to watch the returns at home or go to the DEC Victory Party in Lake Worth. On one hand, there are literally dozens of races I want to follow. With only one television at the party, it might be hard to keep track.

On the other hand, I don't want to celebrate or mourn alone. If Adriana goes, I'll probably stop in for a little while. Depending on the mood, I'll reconsider after an hour or so. I don't want John Kerry to be declared the winner and have nobody to share the moment with.

I can see tomorrow night being a late night. If anybody wants to talk about the Election with me, I'll have my cell phone on.



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