Monday, October 25, 2004

Ron Zook fired

Following Florida's disastrous 38-31 loss to Mississippi State on Saturday, Head Coach Ron Zook has been let go effective the end of this season. The entire coaching staff, including Defense Coordinator Charlie Strong, have been terminated as well. UF will buy out the remaining years of his contract. Zook will coach the remaining games of the season.

Zook's fate was sealed with his loss to Mississippi State this weekend. Mississippi State is on the same caliber at UCF's Golden Knights. Mississippi State had lost a game this season to lowly Maine.

The loss two weeks prior, to LSU, hurt Zook tremendously. His team has blown 5 4th quarter leads since 2003. In addition, Zook was troubled by allegations stemming from a frat brawl in Gainesville. Reportedly, he was planning a team visit to the fraternity to intimidate the perpretrators. Fortunately, his assistant coaches nixed this idea.

Zook was never able to recaputure the success of Steve Spurrier. His team didn't win an SEC Title in his two years at the university. He's unlikely to win the conference this season, with three losses already. Florida is in an elite level of universities. Zook's results might be acceptable elsewhere, but nothing less than national title competition will suffice in Gainesville.

Now it's time for the Dolphins to fire their incompetent head coach, Dave Wannstedt. We have much to look forward to in both places when new regimes come into power. I never would have thought that Zook would end up being the first to go.

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Blogger Eric Cioffoletti said...

Zook hasn't been a BAD coach, it's true. But the Gators expect blowouts. The kind that Spurrier was so masterful in producing for them while he was at UF.

I still think it was a huge mistake for Spurrier to leave the Gators. He was a God here in Florida to millions of fans. The guy knew how to win and not only that--he won by large margins.

With the Redskins, he looked weak and confused. Even if he were to return to college football, so much of the luster would be gone.

October 26, 2004 at 1:32 AM  
Blogger tsias said...

I'm sorry, but Ron Zook was a poor coach. He had never been a head coach in either college or pro football heading into the Florida job.

He lost 12 games in his 2 1/2 years at UF. Spurrier never won less than 9 games per season.

UF will get back on the right track. Barring any unforseen developments, the next coach of the Gators will be Steve Spurrier. If Spurrier doesn't return, we'll go after Bob Stoops, Jon Gruden, the coach of Utah, and probably some others. But I expect it will be Spurrier unless he takes the Dolphins job.

October 26, 2004 at 11:12 PM  

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