Saturday, October 23, 2004

Hillary Clinton/ Gators game/ Sorrow

This morning, I attended the Hillary Clinton event at City Place. It went more smoothly than expected. I only had to wait in line for an hour. Once we got in, it was standing room only. I had a great view of the speakers. When the film gets developed, I can post some of my shots.

Adriana got to stand on stage directly to the right of Sen. Clinton. I have some good pictures of that, as well. She was able to get a picture taken with her and Hillary. The theme of the day was women. Kerry is doing everything in his power to expand the gap with female voters. He must pull as many women as Gore did in order to win this election. It was all women standing on the stage. Besides Adriana, there were a number of dignitaries. There was the co-chairman of the FL Democratic Party. They also featured a young black girl whose voting for the first time in her life. County Commissioner, District 3 Addie Greene gave a stirring introduction of Sen. Clinton. Carol Ann Loehendorf, Chairman of the Palm Beach County Democratic Executive Committee, was standing to the left of Adriana.

Clinton emphasized women’s issues. It was a pander fest, to be honest. Lois Frankel made comments like, “Behind every strong woman is a strong man”. It was like watching an episode of Oprah or Rosie O’Donnell. I guess this is what it takes to get the female vote these days.

Clinton talked about abortion rights, which is a classic issue for Democrats. She went on to lament that women still make less in the workplace than their male counterparts. Clinton then touched on universal themes of the campaign—Iraq, healthcare, economy, etc. Basically, she makes the same case that most Democratic surrogates attempt to put forth.

I watched the Gators lose 38-31 to unranked Mississippi State. This will certainly expedite the end of the Ron Zook era.

So upset was I that I drowned my sorrows alone in liquor. Actually, that wasn’t entirely the case. Tim came over and we enjoyed some alcoholic beverages. I was introduced to Miller Light and reunited with the sweet Captain Morgan, Spiced Rum. After about three shots, that was all I needed for the night.

I’m anticipating a fond reunion with Jack Daniels, Tennessee Whiskey tomorrow. Tim and Loren might join me at the Dolphins game. Both are of age, so it’s possible I can enjoy time with my old friend.

Tonight’s World Series Game 1. My prediction is Red Sox in 5 games. I might try to write a more detailed preview later.



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