Friday, October 22, 2004

Edwards rally

Today I went to the John Edwards rally at the Hester Community Center in Boynton Beach. This establishment was in a predominantly minority part of Boynton Beach. That’s good for Democrats, since most of the African American community votes for us.

I actually arrived around 8:00. They promised me a chance to meet Edwards if I volunteered early. As I learned later, their word did not mean much. This guy Chuck sent me down to Pompano Beach to pick up pipe and sheet for the event. There was mad traffic both ways. It took me 90 minutes round trip. Finally I got the pipe and dropped it off at the loading deck.

By the time I got to the Center, I had to go to the back of the line. Then I see a shuttle drive by with Adriana and her sister. I was hoping that I could get them in without a wait. Unfortunately, the guy only let me in. Somehow, they skipped ahead of a few hundred people and got into the building shortly thereafter. It would have been a very long wait.

For about an hour, we listened to every black elected official in Boynton Beach. There was State Rep. Hank Harper of the 84th District. Anne Gannon, who is white, spoke. None were of the caliber of the esteemed Rep. Corrine Brown, representing the 5th Congressional district of Florida, Orlando.

Edwards came out to speak just around noon. We were seated directly behind where the Senator was speaking. I’ll bet we’ll be on the local news tonight. I believe they wanted the two girls to be in the camera shot. They have the trifecta that is good for any political picture: Young, female, and Spanish. I’m sure Edwards wants a diverse crowd to be seen on television.

Well, Edwards gave his normal speech. He did add stuff from the debates and mentioned the flu vaccine crisis. Overall, there’s nothing much different from the speech I reported on last month in Orlando. It was cute when his two young kids, Claire and Jack, came on stage at the beginning. I usually hate kids, but I have a soft spot in my heart for those two kids. Were it Cate on stage, nothing would be soft. (Sorry, that was inappropriate)

It started pouring down raining right as I left. I wanted to come pick up Adriana and Angela at the door, but the police had it blocked off. So we all had to get wet. I drove them to their parking spot at a nearby Church and I left.

I’m losing track of how many of these functions I’ve been to. After a while, I could give the speech. I like the events for the atmosphere and the chance to see fellow Democrats.


Blogger Eric Cioffoletti said...

Sounds to me like the Edwards rally was an overall positive expirience. I'm glad you got that nice spot behind Edwards!

But yeah the speeches are just crap at this point. I would go to see your candidates but in reality, there's not too much new they are saying. They have their speeches memorized by now. And everyone in the audience were probably Dems anyway so it's like preaching to the choir.

October 22, 2004 at 7:29 PM  

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