Tuesday, October 26, 2004

I have a plan

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve gone off on one of my romantic tangents that characterized the first few months of my blog. I’ve written a little about a girl from my English Literature class at PBCC, Jennifer. In the last couple of weeks, I’ve tried to be more talkative around her try to gauge things. I don’t know whether she has a boyfriend or not, but I’d venture to guess that she probably does not. Of course, my inclinations could be totally off.

Yesterday in class, we had someone from a sociology class come in and do a survey regarding the Presidential election. Long story short, she passed out ballots and everyone marked their preference. I sensed from our conversations that Jennifer was a Kerry supporter, but I couldn’t be quite sure. When the papers got to our row, she said to me, “This is the easiest test I’ve ever taken.” I eagerly looked over at her paper and saw the John Kerry/John Edwards selection chosen. I could tell from talking to her that she was somewhat politically aware. She mentioned the Edwards, Clinton, and Gore rallies that were held in the past week.

The last paragraph wasn’t meant to insinuate that I’d only date a Democrat or Kerry supporter. I placed it in there to segue into my latest idea. I am planning on asking her whether she’d like to go with me to the John Kerry rally in WPB on Friday. She talked about wanting to go see Gore, but couldn’t do so because of school. Fridays are usually a day off for most students at PBCC. Classes are on a M/W and T/R cycle. There are Friday classes, but they’re less frequent than M-R. I went by the Kerry offices in Palm Beach Gardens today to pick up a couple of tickets.

I look at it this way. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a date or anything of the like. Just two people going to see the next President of the United States (hopefully!). I’ve been told, and tend to agree, that the first step in any prospective relationship is to meet outside of an academic setting. This type of setting would be more relaxing than going out to eat or getting a cup of coffee (yuck, I hate Starbucks). In my estimation, it could play itself out in a number of ways:

1) She accepts my offer and we meet at the Friday rally. I need to make it clear that I want to go with her, and aren’t just offering up tickets to go separately. If she accepts, I would get the impression that she was at least moderately interested.

2) She says she can’t go because of school or work. If she says she has school or work, I’d tend to believe it’s the truth and not a lie to get out of going. I know she works part-time at Winn-Dixie, along with taking a full-time school schedule. I’m not sure what the logical response would be. Do I ask if she’d like to get together another time, or just drop the subject for the day?

More than anything, this is an exercise to gauge where things stand. If there’s no hope, I’d like to learn that at some point. I don’t want December to come and discover that I didn’t even make an effort. The likelihood is that this is my last semester at PBCC. I need to, at the least, establish some sort of friendship or discover she’s not interested at all.

I feel a little bit nervous, but I won’t back out at the last minute. Really, I doubt it would end in total humiliation. She’s the type of girl that wouldn’t be mean or condescending about a lack of interest. It won’t be like a televisions show where she calls me a loser and tells me to get lost.

I don’t want to overanalyze things, but I also want to do my best not to come off totally desperate or awkward. It’s a delicate balance that I try to strike. It’s probably best not to put too much thought into it and try to act natural. I think someone can tell if a proposition is overly analyzed and contrived.

I’ll be sure to report back tomorrow with the news. My feeling is that the news will be neutral and not conclusive in one direction or the other.



Blogger Eric Cioffoletti said...

Yeah make sure she knows that you are interested right off the bat. The only thing about the Kerry rally is that this isn't a traditional date activity so let her know you want romance early on in the date.

I sense you are getting closer to your goal all the time. You have come so far in the last couple of years. My support will be with you.

Having a girlfriend has been a life-changing expirience for me. There are some downsides: you have to make an effort to call her often even though sometimes you aren't in the mood. And there is a lot of self-maintenence (keeping your room clean, shaving every day, etc.) that can be a pain too. But it's worth it though--trust me on that!

Good luck with it! Don't overthink it. You'll do fine as long as you bascially be yourself.

October 27, 2004 at 9:34 PM  
Blogger Eric Cioffoletti said...

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October 27, 2004 at 9:34 PM  

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