Monday, August 30, 2004

ENL 2022

Not sure if I gave my summation of English Literature After 1800. Well, it's the course I'm taking at Palm Beach Community College. With three very difficult classes at FAU, this one is sort of a relief. Mostly "busy work" if you ask me. I do like the teacher, Mr. Edwin Peck. As a fellow Dean supporter during the primaries, we have a good deal in common politically.

It's kind of creepy every time I walk into that college. It reminds me so much of a high school environment. I'm glad that my tenure there is up shortly.

There are some decent people in that class. I was surprised when one girl mentioned the Media Whores Online website. Only hardcore political junkies have heard of the "Media Horse". She's also into student government as well. Before I start getting all melancholy, I'll conclude my remarks.

ENL 2022 is one class that's a fairly certain "A".


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