Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Kerry comfortably leads POS3033 poll

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Today, we conducted an informal poll of students in Professor Wagner's 3000 level Political Science course at Florida Atlantic University (MacArthur campus). 22 respondents with a margin of error of +- 0%.

Sen. John Kerry (Massachusetts): 59%
"President" George W. Bush (Texas): 32%
Consumer Activist Ralph Nader (No clue where the fuck he's from): 0%
Green Party Candidate David Cobb (Ditto): 0%
Undecided: 9 %

Some interesting results. There were one or two leaners that I put in Kerry's category. The said that they were undecided, but would very likely vote for the Senator. 13 out of the 22 students who answered supported Kerry, 7 supported Bush, and 3 were undecided. Nobody expressed support for Nader, Cobb, or Libertarian candidate Michael Badnarik.

There was a clear gender gap. I recall the breakdown being an even men to women ratio. Of the Bush supporters, 5, or 71 % of his supporters, were male. Nevertheless, considering Kerry's resounding victory in this poll, more men supported Kerry than Bush.

The results are pretty consistent with county averages. In 2000, Vice President Gore won 66 % in Palm Beach County. I'm assuming that most students were registered voters in this County. More research would be needed to confirm this.

Finally, the undecideds were on par with national observations. Somewhere around 10 % are undecided in the race for President. I'd expect a majority of them to break for Sen. Kerry. I expect Kerry to take 64 % of the class come election day.


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