Monday, August 23, 2004

I met John Lithgow today!

No, not this man Posted by Hello

This morning around 11:00, I was at the City Place Bellagio waiting for the esteemed luminaries to arrive. In the meantime, the assembled guests began writing their names on a tag and placing them on their shirts. I look to my right and notice someone has “Hi, My name is John Lithgow” stuck to their breast. At first, I thought it was a joke. Pranksters have been known to assume aliases instead of revealing their actual surnames. He came up and introduced himself as “John”, and I reciprocated. I did bring up a query as to whether it was his legitimate name. Yes it was. Mr. Lithgow is a campaign worker for Democrat Jim Stork, running in Florida’s 22nd Congressional district. He didn’t look like he was much older than 25 years old. He is also the nephew of the comedian who had once lampooned one of the invited dignitaries, former Attorney General and gubernatorial candidate Janet Reno. He discussed ways to broach the subject to Ms. Reno. I wasn’t even aware that John Lithgow, star of TV’s “Third Rock from the Sun”, had done an impression of her. And even if he did, Janet always seemed to have a good sense of humor. In fact, she once appeared on SNL herself. I’m not sure how the conversation went, but I’m sure Ms. Reno handled it with her normal levity.


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