Monday, August 23, 2004

Election Day, in pictures

On August 20, I went to the Supervisor of Elections office in WPB to vote early. The election, officially held on August 31, will settle some key primary races along with important local posts. My votes were as followed:

United States Senate (Democratic): Betty Castor
PBC Sheriff: Ric Bradshaw
Property Appraiser: Gary R. Nikolitis
Supervisor of Elections: Dr. Arthur "Art" Anderson
Clerk of the Circuit Court: Sharon Bock
County Tax Collector: John K. Clark
School Board (District 1): David A. Harris
Town of Jupiter Bonds: FOR Bonds

I had hoped to post more pics, but my Picasa software is giving me some problems. In all honesty, most of the aformentioned individuals are hardly memorable. I would like to get a picture of Dr. Arthur "Art" Anderson somewhere down the line.

I do have one confession, though. Except for Senate, Sheriff, and Supervisor, I have little clue about the issues each candidate stands for. I went mostly by word of mouth and newspaper endorsements.

Finally, my predictions on each race:

Senate: Castor wins fairly easily, perhaps by as much as 20 %. Deutch will be hurt because Penelas splits the South Florida vote, leaving Castor to take most of the I-4 corridor. Castor gets 40 % +

Sheriff: Neither Eggleston or Bradshaw get 50 %, forcing a 11/2 runoff on Presidential election day. Mascaro is fading fast, leaving Eggleston and Bradshaw the top vote getters. Expect them to get around 30 % each.

Property Appraiser: Who the fuck knows?

Clerk of the Circuit Court: Who the fuck cares?

Supervisor of Elections: Very interesting race. Recent personal/financial problems have weakened Dr. Arthur "Art" Anderson. LePore's negative public image might still be enough to doom her candidacy. Slight lean towards Ms. LePore.

County Tax Collector: Democrat Mike Rios makes the primary close, but Clark is able to hold on.

School Board: I have no idea. I do expect the well-financed Monroe Benaim to emerge victorious, whether it's now or on 11/2. There are two attractive challengers. David A. Harris lost a close election for City Council last March. Jeff Joyner, an 18 year-old Freshman at FAU, has a bright future ahead of him.

Environmental Bonds: Passes


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