Sunday, August 15, 2004

Don't think I forgot the Fish

I'm too tired to write anything complex about Saturday night's opener. I'm honestly in disbelief about what happened. I know injuries are a part of football, but FUCK!

This team can't run the football worth shit. Travis Minor will be injured by midseason. Fred Russell is too young and small to compete at this level.

I cannot fathom what Dolphins games will be like this year. I predict a lot of Olindo Mare FG's and games where score totals are under 30 points.

I did like the idea of getting Rob Konrad involved in pass catching. Of course, they literally have no choice now.

Ronald Bellamy did a fine job at WR. If Newsom is indeed out for the season, he'll surely have a chance to make the squad. Chambers is the definite #1. Newsom was headed towards being the 2, but that's on hold. It'll likely be Darius Thompson starting at the 2nd WR slot. Bellamy, J.R. Tolver, and Snoop Minnis should all compete for #3.

I've said this before. The Dolphins defense will win many a game this year. If the offense shows even a spark of hope, Miami could easily make the AFC Playoffs.

Miami needs to get Ogunleye back into camp. This D is the same as last year at every position but FS, where Brock Marion departed for Detriot and possibly prison.

Remember, guys! 3 years ago, the Dolphins won the AFC East with Lamar Smith at RB and no David Boston or Ricky Williams. There's no excuse for this team to lose 10 + games in 2004.

I saw some good things out of all 3 QB's. For the life of me, I don't get why Sage Rosenfells is not competing for the starting job. He's paid his dues, and he deserves at least the opportunity. Considering all that was given up to acquire him, Feeley has the deck stacked in his favor. If they run even, which they did tonight, Feeley will start opening day vs. Tennessee.

I'd like to see them use Fred Russell as a kick returner. Miami will need all the kick returning yards they can get to remain marginally competent offensively.

Sammy Morris will be an integral part of this team's running attack, if you can even call it that.

Move Vernon Carey to Right Guard. We cannot have both Wade Smith and Carey playing the Tackle positions. Feeley or Fiedler cannot survive that.

My predictions: I won't bullshit everyone and give some number of wins. What I will predict is a very ugly style of football. There will be lots of booing at Pro Player Stadium. Even after wins, fans will be upset at the sheer hideousness of this offense.

I saw the same running crap tonight that I've seen for 3 fucking years. Run on 1st down. That was fine for 230 pound Ricky Williams. Not for 200 pound Travis Minor of Fred Russell. I expect a ton of runs between 2 yards gained and 2 lost.

Ogunleye will be ready by opening day.

Feeley will start at QB.

Minor will start at RB, but be a starter in name only. He'll carry 15 times a game, max.

Donald Lee and Randy McWifebeater (allegedly) will be among the best TE tandems in football.

Wannstedt finishes Week 17 as coach of the team.

Fans gripe about the baseball infield at the Pro.

And finally...

I'll be there for every minute of all ten games.



Blogger Eric Cioffoletti said...

The Dolphins are a mess. A preseason game against a team like the Jaguars isn't really an indication of how they'll do over the course of the season imho.

God damn it! I'm sick of this fucking team. Sometimes I wonder why I follow them. They make me cry. Are there any openings left in the Bucs stands for another fan?

August 15, 2004 at 2:50 PM  

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