Tuesday, August 24, 2004

MMC 3403

Robert McChesney's book, "Corporate Media and the Threat to Democracy" Posted by Hello

My second class on T/R is MMC 3403, otherwise known as Mass Communication Theory. Once again, Susan Willey is the professor. Therefore, I won’t go through her bio again. See post titled “JOU 3101” for a brief biography of Dr. Willey.

I see this being an interesting election year course. She said that we’d be talking a lot about political advertisements. I looked through the syllabus and saw Robert McChesney’s “Corporate Media and the Threat to Democracy” as required reading. This leads me to think she’s not totally conservative. In fact, Mr. McChesney’s radio show is linked the homepage of Democratic Underground, a notoriously left-wing Internet site.

Four essays are required, spread throughout the term. Topics range from semantics to propaganda. A final term paper, ten-pages in length, is due at November’s end. Two tests are also to be administered at midterm and in December.

Once again, I’ll be very careful to manage my time. Most of this work is entirely doable. There’s no reason why my grade should be less than a “B”.


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