Friday, September 03, 2004

The Calm Before the Storm

For the better part of today, we made final preparations for the arrival of Hurricane Frances. It took much searching, but we were able to get a full tank of gas, eventually.

Tonight, my friend Eric and I played a game of racquetball. I lost 15-1, 15-8.

Later, we went to Hollywood Video, which is the Winn-Dixie of video stores. It was the only store open in town. The sales attendant decided against wearing proper attire. He reminded me of the comic book guy off "The Simpsons".

After that, I visited our favorite local watering hole, The Jupiter Moose. Shot three games of pool there. Gary was nice and gave us games on the house. It seems that to Moose members, anything serves as an excuse to get drunk. There's not a day that some sort of intoxication doesn't occur at the Jupiter Moose.

I capped off the night by frequenting "Slave Mart". I went into the Electronic's section and purchased a DVD.

I have final packing to do tonight and into tomorrow morning. It's possible that I might not be around for a few days. I'll still have some computer access, providing the storm doesn't take out my power.

Keep safe, fellow Floridians.



Blogger Eric Cioffoletti said...

I felt bad for the fat, half-naked man who worked the cash register at Hollywood Video. He didn't seem happy about his life at all.

The Jupiter Moose! There's nothing so bad about that place, Taylor. You make it sound like it's this horrible joint where rednecks are throwing beer bottles at each other every five minutes. Nothing like that happened--it's just your average bar.

But the support for GWB was sickening. And I felt for the old man on the slot machine. We were there playing pool for an hour and he didn't move an inch the whole time. His problems are two-fold: drinking AND gambling.

September 4, 2004 at 4:50 AM  

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