Tuesday, August 31, 2004

On to victory!

Two years ago almost to the day, I remember Janet Reno's rallying cry. Sadly, Reno never emerged victorious, but today we can avenge that defeat. Reno's friend, Betty Castor, is poised to win the Senate Democratic primary. Polls don't officially close until 7:00, but all signs point to a resounding Castor victory. The Deutsch-bag's last minute attacks will not be enough to derail Castor's momentum. It is with great anticipation that I await a double-digit victory by Castor this evening.

In a personal race of interest, Paulette Burdick is facing Ken Locklear for PBC School Board, District 2. Although no surveys have been conducted on this contest, history would suggest that Burdick wins with at least 65 % of votes cast. Ms. Burdick is a dear personal friend of me and my family. She has derived great pleasure out of her 10 years on the Board. I am certain that students and parents of Palm Beach County have no greater ally than Paulette Burdick. Along with my cousin, we will celebrate victory at the Bamboo Room in Lake Worth.

I will also watch the GOP primary with great interest. A Bill McCollum nomination would give Castor a clear edge heading into November. Martinez might be tougher to beat. However, a recent turn right may cost Martinez in the general. Either way, I am confident that Ms. Castor will be up to the task.

Nothing else on the ballot matters much to me, except for Arthur "Art" Anderson's challenge of Theresa LePore. I voted for and will root for a Dr. Arthur "Art" Anderson victory this evening.

Sheriff, Tax Collector, Property Appraiser, and Judgships don't concern me too much. While they are important, I can't get too caught up in whether Mike Rios or John Clark will be the next tax collector. That might make me a bad citizen, but so what!



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