Monday, August 30, 2004

GOP Convention Night 1

Contrary to previous assertions, I decided to tune in for some of Monday's convention coverage. In retrospect, I'm glad I did. It provided for some hearty laughs.

The highlight of the Convention was Michael Moore being escorted out of Madison Square Garden by the Secret Service. Moore is a credentialed media guest at this event. USA Today hired him to write columns over the four day period. During his speech, Sen. John McCain remakred about a "disengenuous filmmaker". In unanimity, the crowd roared and booded all at the same time. From the press box, Moore flashed a big "L" with his thumb and index finger. Reports vary about what transpired after that remark was made. NPR reported that the Secret Service rushed in and removed Mr. Moore from the premises. Other reports claim that Moore left to attend a Planned Parenthood event.

Rudy Guiliani droned on endlessly about 9/11, terra, war, etc. I can't bear to even thinking about this fraudelent "America's Mayor" for one second longer.

The finale consisted of Ole Frankie taking the big screen. Even though he's been dead for years, Blue Eyes was back and singing "New York, New York".


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