Thursday, September 16, 2004

Leno (and possibly Letterman) voting for Kerry

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While not implicitly stated in the article, it's a safe guess to say that Jay Leno will be voting for John Kerry this coming November. The overwhelming implication from this article is that Leno has never been a Republican, despite claims by some liberals. Mr. Leno also says that rival host David Letterman is no fan of Bush, either.

This doesn't come as that big of a shock to me. Mr. Leno's wife, Mavis, has been active in what could be categorized as liberal causes. Some people think Leno's conservative because of his affluent financial state. Leno came under criticism for providing a forum for el Gropenfuhrer's gubernatorial run. I suspect that, like many Democrats, he did vote for the recall and for the movie star. That's more an indication of Leno's draw to celebrity, not necessarily Republican leanings.

Jay Leno tries to abuse all politicians equally, but don't count on the "Tonight" host voting for Bush.

"I'm not conservative," the funnyman tells L.A. Weekly columnist Nikki Finke. "I've never voted that way in my life."

Leno came clean after Finke accused him of veering to the right in monologues.

The comic says he "really worries" what a Dubya victory in November will do to the makeup of the Supreme Court.

He also believes that "the wool was pulled over our eyes" with the Iraq war and that the White House used terrorism "as a crutch" after 9/11.

Though he thinks that David Letterman shows "his dislike [for Bush] maybe a little more than I do," he reveals that many of his gag writers have written speeches for Democratic candidates.

His advice for Kerry: "Make Bush look as stupid as possible."


Blogger Eric Cioffoletti said...

I must say I'm surprised. I always thought Leno was conservative and yes his monlogues do veer to the right. But I am glad that he isn't so stupid as to think Bush is better for this country than Kerry.

So now I can finally lift my informal ban of the Tonight Show.

September 16, 2004 at 11:06 PM  
Blogger tsias said...

I don't see his monologues shifting to the right. I see him as someone who takes shots at both sides.

Deep down, I'll bet he loved Clinton. The nature of the job is to go after whoever's in power.

September 17, 2004 at 12:16 AM  

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