Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Post France(s) wrap-up

The entry I am writing today (Monday) might not make it into print until later this week. Briefly, I am over at my Aunt's house. She went to New Orleans to avoid the storm and is allowing us to use her home in the interim. Everything works except for the DSL connection. Hoping that I can get some online access shortly.

FAU has closed their proverbial doors until Wednesday, at the earliest. It's a mixed blessing of sorts. My Political Science project has been placed on indefinite hold. There's a possibility that I'll have to go next class period, a week from Tuesday. I'm hoping that he postpones the class until November. He left a class period open, designating it for independent study. If I'm lucky, he'll make up the lost class period and have me present on that date. I had numerous other assignments due on Tuesday. There was no way they were getting done, considering the limited electricity in our community. Depending on how power comes along, I expect we could be in school as early as Wednesday. I can't see this vacation lasting any longer than a solitary week.

Onto the negatives of the prolonged absence. One is certainly the boredom that has ensued as a result of Hurricane France(s). I prefer putting the s in parentheses, signifying France's one glorious victory over the United States, albeit only the Southeast coast. I was able to find some restaurants open on Labor Day. I got in just before the orders were being 86'd. I played a game of pool with a gentleman visiting from Long Island. He was in town to help his mother, who resides in Palm Beach Gardens. There is a limited supply of almost all goods in Palm Beach County and extending North into St. Lucie and Martin. As long as some basic establishments open, I could be relatively content. Fixing this DSL line is the key. I could survive for days without TV, as long as internet access was available.

As a result of Hurricane France(s), I cannot report on any advancement or decline in regard to my personal affairs. I was hoping to get to know Adrianna a little better this week. I've had the displeasure of having many, many hours to think over the weekend and into Labor Day. I'm not sure if too much internal analyzing is a good thing. I've contemplated how exactly to broach the subject when I return to class, hopefully by Thursday. I want to avoid coming on too strong, since my actual conversations with her haven't lasted much more than 10 minutes, CUMulative. I need to close the gap between the limited time for conversation during class and exposure outside the hallowed walls of MacArthur Campus. My initial plan was to see if she wanted to go to one of our Gator functions, or perhaps partake in a Dolphins football game. I was thinking of Opening Day, but waiting for Week 3 is probably more feasible. It allows me time to cultivate a friendly relationship without appearing too eager. There's also some other pertinent facts that I need to unearth. I've mentioned this numerous times, but it bears repeating. I can't continue to make the same mistakes that have plagued me in the past. I'm well aware that my probability for any modicum of success is very small. It would take the culmination of many favorable conditions to catapult me to mediocrity. Still, I have to approach things with a positive attitude. I yearn success but can live with the disappointment.

That's my initial post-France(s) wrap-up. More will come as conditions improve.



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