Saturday, December 25, 2004

Christmas Eve

Today was the day that our family celebrated Christmas for the year 2004.

Christmas Eve began with me having to spend 10 minutes just to find a spot at the Gardens Mall. Then I go in to by some gifts for my Mom. When I'm in the store trying to find the proper lotion or whatever crap I was looking for, I lose reception on my cell phone. I have to walk out side to clarify. Finally I got some phone service.

Then we went down to Boynton Beach and had dinner with the family. I was sort of tired, since I had only slept three hours the night prior. We went through the gifts, which seemed to take forever. I was pleased with receiving "America: The Book" (Jon Stewart's book) from my aunt, uncle, and cousins.

I received a few other gifts. My Mom gave me The O.C. Season 1 DVD along with a couple of CD's I wanted. In addition, she got be a few Miami Dolphins t-shirt. Gary gave me the Season 3 24 DVD set. Overall, I received $700 cash. That'll keep me afloat for this semester. I'll probably have to get a job this summer to pay for Fall 2005 Semester.

I met up with Zach a little later and we had Christmas Eve dinner at the IHOP. That was a total disaster. To begin with, he was charged nearly $3 for a glass of orange juice. In addition, they served his pancakes cold and put butter on top, when he specifically instructed them to serve without butter. Then he was a piece of bacon short, which we construed as meaning that our fat waitress had eaten a piece too many. When the extra piece finally came out, it was cold. To cap it off, Zach couldn't get a refill on his orange juice. He repeatedly kept on saying "Excuse me, Excuse me" perhaps ten times. The old guy sweeping the floors did not acknowledge us. Zach remembered the gentleman as the guy who accused him of trying to pass a counterfeit $100 bill only a few days ago. Since it was Christmas Eve and we were feeling generous, we decided to leave a tip -- of four pennies. In retrospect, I kind of feel bad. I can only imagine the kind of lives that these IHOP employees are going home to on Christmas. They'll probably be home alone with only a bottle of scotch whiskey.

We were both tired, so we only hung out for a little while longer. I put in the tape of 2002's second fight between Marco Antonio Barrera and Erik Morales, which was one by Barrera. We agreed to play a Stage 3 encounter of Jim Feist Poker at 2:00 am. There was good news and bad news on that front. The bad news is that I overslept 30 minutes and wasn't able to call Zach and wake him up. He was at $500 by the time I finally joined the game. The good news is that in my first hand back, I was dealt pocket aces and won a big pot. I went on to emerge triumphant in my Stage 3 match. I've got another one coming up at 4:00. I'm hoping to get at least 3 gold bars so I can play each of the Stage 4 matches on Christmas Day. It'll take a lot of hard work and committment to defraud Jim Feist out of his hard-earned $1000.

Once that's over, I'll try to watch my tape of Friday's NFL game between Minnesota and Green Bay. I had to turn it off at halftime when Minnesota was leading 21-14. I hope to learn that Minnesota wins, making me 1-0 for this early Week 16.

Merry Christmas Everybody!



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