Sunday, December 19, 2004

Jim Feist Poker

Recently I've picked up a new addiction. A little while ago, I was introduced to an online poker site called Jim Feist Poker. From what I've gathered, Jim Feist is in the business of gambling. Whether he plays poker or not is questionable.

Anyway, I've been playing a lot recently. I haven't timed it, but I'd assume it's over two hours a day. Some might say that's a bad thing, others would say it's too short a time to improve.

Nevertheless, I really should cut down to an hour or so a day. When I play so many tournaments a day, it's hard to bring my "A" game each time. Instead, I should play two tournaments and give it my complete focus. Quality is better than quantity.

I'm not sure how much it helps my real-life playing abilities. In some ways, I think it may hurt. When you play online, it's easy to take a game lightly. Even if I go all-in and lose on the first hand, I still have the opportunity to play 9 more games. IRL, a game comes once a week and you want to cherish the time you spend at the table. I try to play more conservative in real life.

I stand by some of my other acquisitions. The poker chips I recently bought from Wal-Mart were well worth the expenditure. The case makes it easier to sort chips. Now if I could only get the dirt off of the chips. They may have been defective.

I like the poker books I've gotten from the library. There's only so much that can be learned under the tutilage of Zachery Spencer. In most of those books, only a chapter is related to Texas Hold 'Em. I ignore the other 90 pages on Omaha and Five-Card Draw.

I'm going to remain celibate from poker until our scheduled meeting on Saturday around 7:00. I might play one serious game in the afternoon in preparation.

I've really enjoyed trying to learn the game better. My philosophy is that I want to learn to play this game at the highest level possible. I need to elevate my game from simply "playing the cards" to the status where I can compete with moderate or bad hands.

Hopefully I find a way to balance my new found love of poker with my other responsibilities.



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