Monday, December 13, 2004

Sunday Football and Debauchery

As is usually the case the day after a big fight night, I didn't awake until 1:30 Sunday afternoon. I wasn't hung over or anything, just tired since I didn't go to bed until 5:30 in the morning. I only had a shot or two of the JD the night before.

I went out to Duffy's for lunch with my Mom and this gentleman Larry. I don't know about this character. He's a member of the Moose Lodge but spends frequents the Eagles (another local watering hole) more often. I didn't really eat much. Only got a few mozzarella sticks.

I ran around town a for an hour or so doing errands. When I was in Sports Authority, I was astounded by all their poker products. There was a great set of chips for $100. Also I saw some DVD instructionals that I might request for Christmas.

I really wanted to catch the Steelers vs. Jets game at 4:00. Since the Dolphins/Broncos affair was the televised CBS game, we had to go to the Quarterdeck Restuarant to watch it. I was joined by Tim and Larry (not the Larry I referenced earlier). Pittsburgh ended up winning by a comfortable margin of 11 points.

Pool is free at the Quarterdeck on Sundays. Larry, Tim, and I must have played five games. I was lucky enough to win one of those games.

Larry was cool and gave me a couple of beers for free. My neighbor, who is the manager at Quarterdeck, couldn't be happy to know that underage drinking is transpiring at his restuarant. I'm surprised nobody gave me any trouble. Larry bought a pitcher and poured me a few glasses. I consider drinking in a fine estbalishment like Quarterdeck to be a watershed moment. The only thing that would have made it better was if it was Jack Daniel's instead of beer.

When I got home, my poker luck had turned around. I won my first two games and had a few thousand chip lead in the 3rd. Suddenly, I made a mistake or two and found myself bereft of money. In poker, a game can turn sour very quickly. On the bright side, I acquired two copper coins and hopefully I can get a silver ring or two out of it.

Not much else to report for this Sunday. I'm trying to think of ways to occupy my time over the next four weeks or so. Going through my list of contacts to find a poker player or two. The consensus is that Tim is barred for life from poker games. Either that, or keep him away from the Jack Daniel's. Preferrably both. I could handle Larry but not Tim.

Really should be off to bed now. I'd like to keep on a schedule where I'm up by at least 10:00.



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