Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Weekly Fight Post

Last week, I began to pick the bigger boxing fights of the weekend. In case anybody cares, I went 4-0.

Rocky Juarez vs. Guty Espadas
My Pick: Juarez UD (Unanimous Decision)
Result: Juarez KO2 (2nd Round KO)
Comment: Surprised that Juarez won by such an easy KO. Rocky isn't known as a big power puncher.

Jermain Taylor vs. William Joppy
My Pick: Taylor by UD
Result: Taylor by UD
Comment: Taylor won every round and completely dominated the fight.

Jose Luis Castillo vs. Joel Casamayor
My Pick: Castillo by UD
Result: Castillo by SD (Split Decision)
Comment: Very close fight. IMO, Castillo edged it out by a round.

Jeff Lacy vs. Omar Sheika
My Pick: Lacy by 9th Round KO
Result: Lacy by UD
Comment: Lacy barely survived this one. Five of the first six rounds were all Sheika. The last six were Lacy's. Hence the 115-113 scorecard.

Manny Pacquiao vs. Gary St. Clair
My Pick: Pacquiao by 2nd Round KO
Result: Apparently, the fight wasn't until this weekend. And the opponent is some guy named 3K-Battery.

For anyone with fight knowledge, this wasn't a tough set of picks. The only toss-up was Castillo vs. Casamayor.

Now, onto this weekend's fights.

Saturday, December 11, 2004

Vitali Klitschko vs. Danny Williams... Klitschko by 3rd Round KO
Anybody who's in the area and wants to watch this fight, I'm getting it on PPV. It's always a special night when the true, legitimate Heavyweight Championship of the World is on the line, as it is in this fight. I really don't see Klitschko having too many problems in this one. Danny Williams' claim to fame is beating up an old Mike Tyson. The one thing Williams showed is that he could take a punch. Although I'll be rooting for Williams, I expect Klitschko to take care of business early.

Miguel Cotto vs. Randall Bailey... Cotto by UD
Cotto has to be careful. Bailey always has that puncher's chance. Other than that proverbial puncher's chance, Bailey hasn't been at world class level for quite some time.

Carlos Hernandez vs. Juan Carlos Ramirez... Hernandez by UD
Hernandez isn't enough of a puncher to score the KO. Still, he's enough of a boxer to take care of the aging Ranchero Ramirez.


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