Monday, November 29, 2004

Saturday night fun

Not that anyone's counting, but I think Saturday night was "Getting Fucked up at Taylor's House 2004 Part III". Originally, it was supposed to be a one time thing. Now, a 4th GFUATH04 is looking like a distinct possibility, especially if I can find Zach a drink he likes (Paging Captain Morgan Parrot Bay).

For the first few hours, Eric and I played poker online at I'm convinced that game was rigged. We played for 45 minutes and got only one or two decent hands. The game was halted when Zach told us he wanted pizza. We went to Sal's Italian Ristiorante at Abacoa and got some pizza. I don't think Zach ever payed me for his three slices. In my drunkenness, I may have told him not to worry about the price.

The main event started close to midnight. Mexico City's Marco Antonio Barrera won a narrow majority decision over Tijuana's Erik "El Terible" Morales. I had the fight scored 7 rounds to 5, 115-113 for Marco Antonio Barrera. It was the best fight I've seen all year.

The liquor went down fast and furious from the 8th Round on. I was pulling for Morales, so everytime he lost a round I had a shot of JD. Conversely, Zach and Eric had to down a half-shot whenever Barrera lost a round.

I think Eric might have gotten a little drunk. Before I knew it, his speech was becoming slurred. Mine wasn't too much better. He ended up falling asleep on my bed. I took the couch in the spare bedroom.

That's the end of me and JD for a while. I'm figuring it will be at least two weeks before we meet again, maybe longer. We've contemplated finding another Kentucky Bourbon for next time. The names I keep thinking of are Jim Beam, Maker's Mark, and Ezra Brooks. Evan Williams is another possibility. We cannot drink George Dickel, considering he comes from Jack's home state of Tennessee. It would be unfair to Mr. Jack. And if there's one thing I'll never do, it's piss off Mr. Jack.


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